• Sitecore Item Editor Tricks and ASP.NET MVC

    Posted 12/08/2010 by techphoria414

    In a recent Sitecore project we did at Hanson Dodge Creative, we had a need for custom Item Editors to allow users to search and select items from a legacy CMS database. The basic idea was to select content from the legacy CMS, store content IDs in Sitecore fields, and render the content within Sitecore sublayouts. The approach worked great, but we ran into some challenges (and their solutions) along the way with our Item Editors, which I wanted to share with the Sitecore community. We also made some good use of ASP.NET MVC to build the Item Editors. I'm a big fan of using MVC with Sitecore, so I thought I'd also take an opportunity here to show one great use of it.

    Lots of good info here on creating Item Editors in Sitecore, so read on.