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The Sitecore Page Editor: Unleashed

Posted 05/15/2012 by techphoria414

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Today I had the honor of presenting once again to the Sitecore Users Virtual Group, this time on how to best utilize the Page Editor, as well as some helpful extensions.

The Webcast

The Example Code
You can download the full Visual Studio Solution used for this demo, including a version of the Dynamic Key Placeholder prototype updated for Sitecore 6.5 Update-4. The solution also includes TDS projects with the items needed to run the site.

The Page Editor: Unleashed Source Code

Other Helpful Resources

Sublayout Development with Custom Items and Scriptlets (as seen in example code)

StackOverflow: Create Content Folder

Converting Data Source Paths to IDs (John West)

Add Presentation Component Data Sources to the Links Database (John West)

Handling Presentation Component Settings (Adam Conn)

Dynamic Placeholder Keys (Original Article, including working pre-6.5 version)

Layout Deltas What Ifs (Adam Conn)

Programmatically Updating Layout Details (John West)

Advanced Database Crawler (Alex Shyba, as referenced with indexing data source content)

Cropper (screen capture tool)


Pre-Disqus Comments

  • Tim's gravatar Tim said:
    1/30/2014 3:19 PM

    Great job on this. I've been trying to get dynamic placeholders workable for a couple years now. Implementing this was painlesss. -T

  • John Newcombe's gravatar John Newcombe said:
    4/24/2013 12:53 PM

    Hi Nick Thanks for the 6.5 dynamic key stuff. Wonderful, works well with 6.5, but couldn't get it working with 6.6. I wondered if this is something you have experience of.

  • Robbert Hock's gravatar Robbert Hock said:
    6/19/2012 5:25 AM

    Hi Nick, Great webinar! And big thanks for the Code. I'm currently on the verge of starting a new project, where the Page Editor will be heavily used by content editors. With Insert options which should be based upon roles etc... Still I am in the middle of deciding whether or not to use your approach of Item save events or going the John West way (through the Rules Engine) of storing the datasource as Guids (ID) and not as path (which is default). The advantage of John's approach is I think when you have legacy renderings which already have path's as a datasource stored. So you can run the rule over and over again. Will need to watch the webinar again to get a full understanding now that you posted the code. Keep up the good work! gr, Robbert Hock Sitecore MVP 2011

  • Nick Wesselman's gravatar Nick Wesselman said:
    5/17/2012 1:27 PM

    Hi Kevin, Yes those changes are included in the demo code above. Basically, in the DataItem property we do a check as to whether the item is null. If it is, we set _sublayout.Visible = false. I'd also consider checking whether Versions.Count > 0 on the data item as well, especially if you are using workflow or language layers. Nick

  • Kevin Williams's gravatar Kevin Williams said:
    5/17/2012 8:51 AM

    Hey Nick, you mentioned some changes to the SublayoutParameterHelper class to prevent empty datasources from causing an unhandled exception. I think I'm running into that very issue this morning - can you post some details on that?

  • Mark Ursino's gravatar Mark Ursino said:
    5/17/2012 6:43 AM

    This was an exception virtual user group presentation. Thanks again for presenting the topic and providing the code for reference!