T414 Sitecore Best Practices Part 2: Solution Structure and Working with TDS

Tue Feb 07 2012

The T414 Sitecore Best Practices Series is a screencast overview of the foundational pieces we use at Hanson Dodge Creative in our Sitecore development projects. Part 2 dives into the specifics of Visual Studio solution structure, TDS project configuration, and using TDS.

Part 1: Introduction to TDS is available here.

Part 3: Sublayout Development with Custom Items and Scriptlets is available here.

Sean Holmesby of Igloo Digital has a nice series of posts that also get into some details of TDS use and configuration, including some known "gotchas" that you may run into.

If you're having trouble getting your Sitecore.* DLLs to copy on build, check this out.

Nick Wesselman

Nick Wesselman started working professionally in software development just a few days after everyone realized we dodged a bullet with the Y2k bug. He’s worked as a Sitecore solution partner, Technology partner, and now for Sitecore itself. He lives with his wife, son, and daughter in Asheville, NC.