Sitecore Users Group Meetings

Fri May 13 2011

The next fortnight is bringing us two great opportunities to network with other Sitecore users and developers. First up, May 18th is the inaugural meeting of the Sitecore Users Virtual Group, sponsored by Hedgehog Development. The first meeting will be a question and answer session with the Sitecore ninja himself, John West. Registration can be found here and questions can be submitted for John here.

The following week, Hanson Dodge Creative is proud to to be hosting the May 2011 Sitecore Midwest Users Conference here in Milwaukee on May 24th. This user group meeting will have some great content from Sitecore, and an expansion of the WeBlog presentation I did at Dreamcore. If you are within shouting distance of Milwaukee, we hope you can make it. Registration can be found here.


Nick Wesselman

Nick Wesselman started working professionally in software development just a few days after everyone realized we dodged a bullet with the Y2k bug. He’s worked as a Sitecore solution partner, Technology partner, and now for Sitecore itself. He lives with his wife, son, and daughter in Asheville, NC.