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    Sitecore 8 Technical Preview: Active Commerce and the Experience Explorer

    Posted 09/26/2014 by techphoria414

    Today Sitecore released a Technical Preview of Sitecore 8 to the MVP community, and like good MVPs we are all scrambling to install the preview and write our first blog post on the beauty of Sitecore 8.

    Note: This article and video is based on a Technical Preview of Sitecore 8. Features and functionality are subject to change.

    Sitecore showed many amazing features of this forthcoming version during the Symposium events in Las Vegas and Barcelona. One "lesser" feature (really only in relation to the other amazing features) is the Experience Explorer. The basic idea is to simulate various visit and visitor segments in order to test personalization and other behaviors. Since Active Commerce utilizes the Sitecore Rule Engine for cart promotions, I was curious as to whether the Experience Explorer could be used to test cart discounts with Active Commerce. The answer was most definitely yes -- check it out below.

    It's worth noting that getting Active Commerce running on this Sitecore 8 Technical Preview took no code changes from the POC which I did on Sitecore 7.5. Neither did getting the Experience Explorer to work with our promotion engine. This is another great example of why we built Active Commerce natively within Sitecore, and why we say Active Commerce is "Sitecore e-commerce done right."

    It's worth noting that there is an Experience Explorer Module available for earlier versions of Sitecore as well.

    Great work Sitecore. Can't wait for Sitecore 8 to go gold.

    - Nick / techphoria414

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    Active Commerce "at" the Sitecore Users Virtual Summit

    Posted 10/24/2013 by techphoria414

    So one of the big reasons I haven't been able to post as much here has been all the time I've been spending as CTO of Active Commerce. I'm really excited about how far we've come since we publicly launched this Sitecore e-commerce solution at Sitecore Symposium in 2012, and we have lots more in store.

    Last week I had the pleasure and honor of presenting three times on Active Commerce at the Sitecore Users Virtual Summit, while staying up for more than 24 hours straight consuming all the amazing content that was packed into this global, virtual event. 

    If you were not able to attend, all three presentations are on YouTube. They all start the same, so I've included links to each below, with the second two starting where the unique content begins.

    Of course, sleep deprivation adds a certain amount of character to any webinar. By the third, I was definitely in a bit of a fog. But it was a great time and I think you will find the content informative.

    For more information on Active Commerce or to schedule a personal demo, you can contact info@activecommerce.com.

    Intro to Active Commerce / Product Data Integration

    Intro to Active Commerce

    • What is Active Commerce?
    • Product Features
    • Product Architecture
    • Quick Demo

    Product Data Integration

    • Modeling Product Data
    • Importing Product Data
    • Extending the Product Class
    • Real-time Pricing Integration
    • Real-time Stock Integration

    Shipping and Order Data Integration

    • Configuring Shipping
    • Custom Shipping Service
    • Order Data in Active Commerce
    • Order XML Output
    • Extending Order Data
    • Custom Order Processor
    • Scheduled Order Export

    Using Sitecore DMS with Active Commerce

    • Return Customer Campaign
    • Profile-based Free Shipping
    • Role-based Pricing
    • Value-based Analytics
    • A/B Testing of Promos/Discounts