• Dreamcore Day 2 Sessions and Wrap up

    Posted 04/20/2011 by techphoria414

    Well that's about it for Dreamcore. It all went by so fast. I'll do a separate (textual) entry when I get back to Milwaukee wrapping up our Dreamcore experience, but here's my video wrap-up. I had a great time and met a lot of great people. Wish we didn't have to wait a year to all get together again!

    Also: Please give me some feedback on the video blog format. Would you be interested in ongoing Sitecore vblogs, perhaps with some screencast code samples or demos? Thanks folks.

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  • Dreamcore Day 1 - Afternoon Report

    Posted 04/19/2011 by techphoria414

    Making some progress on this video blogging thing. Windows Live Movie Maker at least gives me a title screen and a quicker upload. Tonight: What happens in the Neighborhoods of Boston, stays in the Neighborhoods of Boston.

  • Dreamcore Day 1: Morning Report

    Posted 04/19/2011 by techphoria414

    For those not lucky enough to be with us in Boston, I'm trying something new at the Techphoria414 Blog, a little video report. The uhhh lighting sucks in my hotel room, and ummm my voice is hoarse from being sick. It's like you're really there!! Enjoy. No autotuning, please.

    I'm a little surprised at myself for not mentioning ASP.NET MVC. Though they weren't specific, Lars and Kerry did indicate that Sitecore is committed to a deeper integration of MVC into Sitecore. w00t.

  • See you in Boston: Techphoria414 Dreamcore Preview

    Posted 04/16/2011 by techphoria414

    The second annual Dreamcore conference is upon us. It's a great opportunity for Sitecore geeks to gather, share best practices, and hear about the latest and greatest product developments coming out of Denmark. Last year's conference was very well done -- a great learning experience, and a great time. This year looks to be even better! Here are my highlights from the published agenda.